Sunday, 7 February 2010

From urban art to aspirational topiary

A couple of stencil graffiti have appeared at the bottom of our street by a Banksy tribute artist called T Wat. Her Majesty driving a bullet-ridden smart car has quickly been followed by a tiny white mouse and a throned policeman. I paused with my shopping and dry cleaning yesterday to take some snaps before Hackney's cleaning squad set to work and got into conversation with a young German who showed me pictures on his mobile of T Wat creating a large scale stencil featuring one of Banksy's infamous rats being led off in handcuffs by armed pest control soldiers:

In typical Finsbury Park style, the stencils are sited just yards from our local aspirational topiary hedges.

The second-hand shop on the corner of the street, where for decades Mr Phillips, multiple brothel keeper, slum landlord, rumoured millionaire, piled high the unsavoury junk that furnished his properties has been transformed into a small gallery guarded by two snarling Dobermans that are rather less fearsome than their real life predecessors.

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