Friday, 29 April 2011

Wedding fever and window dressing

The location of Mike Leigh's film Happy-Go-Lucky on the corner of our road opposite the street art gallery is now a delightful tea and vintage clothes shop. Their tribute to the occasion was nostalgic.

After saluting the newly-weds and other Royals on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, the Spitfire, Hurricane and Lancaster from the Royal Air Force Battle of Britain Memorial Flight unexpectedly flew over Finsbury Park and my own balcony (well, roof terrace) as I sat sunning myself with a celebratory glass of Prosecco. I rushed to the other side of the house, grabbed my camera and just managed to get this shot as they disappeared over the rooftops. My father flew in Lancaster bombers during World War 2 when he was stationed in North Africa and the Middle East with the RAF and we occasionally see one exercising over Salisbury Plain when driving down the M4 to Wales, but there must be very few still in operation.

In Brecon on Easter Sunday, wedding fever was evident despite numerous Plaid Cymru placards for the forthcoming Welsh Assembly elections, with a knitted Royal family on display in a Llandovery craft shop window. The corgis and bespectacled, tousle-haired Archbishop of Cantebury were particularly noteworthy, though Camilla and the Queen were undistinguishable and The Dress had no train. Knit your very own corgi to celebrate:


And what about this? My thoughts exactly...