Tuesday, 17 August 2010

More street art in Finsbury Park

I took this on the day it went up and before it was protected by a sheet of perspex (street art in frames - what's that about?), but I haven't made any posts for some time so it's not exactly fresh, though it's still there on the corner. PEN 1 is rumoured to be the latest rival to Banksy, but this misses on the satire and political comment and graphic simplicity - a different genre altogether that takes celebrity as a focus. It's big (12' by 8') and technically proficient. It's the 'Rap Pact' - rappers Diddy, Suge, Biggy and Tupac playing pool. Another recent work sited in Shoreditch is of Kate Moss:

This camper van is crying out for some stencilled refurbishment