Saturday, 8 August 2009


Buddy is poorly. He had a stroke or seizure at about 6.00am today and the vet diagnosed a heart murmur later too, which may be the underlying cause. He needs a heart scan next week at a vetinary hospital in Potters Bar and lots of good nursing care at home: I couldn't leave him at the local vet's practice over the weekend - he would have been too distressed. So glad my daughter was at home and cancelled her flight to Edinburgh this morning. We've had him for over six years now. He was a surprise Mother's Day gift from Battersea Dog's Home where he singled himself out from the other moggies by his friendliness, I'm told. I wouldn't have chosen to take on the responsibility of another pet at the time and wouldn't have opted for a tomcat either, but he has proved to be the most affectionate cat I've ever owned and my constant companion at home, following me from room to room. Shredded stair carpet is his one bad point. Here are some pictures of him in happier times.

Engrossed in Springwatch earlier this year, though his favourite programme is Big Cat Watch.

Inviting Jim-next-door in for tea.

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