Thursday, 2 July 2009

On location in Islington

Today I took a day's leave. It turned out well. The temperatures in London were in the nineties (Fahrenheit); I got the dress I'd had my eye on for months in Karen Millen at the Angel for a real bargain (the sale price was already down from £140 to £96, but the price ticket said £69 in error and so I saved £80!); and I was stopped by a good-looking young black guy on a bike who said, "Don't I know you?"... It was one of my ex-students from the Pupil Referral Unit, who I'd not seen for ten years and who's really come good. Big hugs and real pleasure in his success. A good day in a bad week when my post was deleted and I have to compete in a pool for my own job. So, wandering the streeets of Islington on a weekday when I would usually be sitting, like now, in front of a computer, I discovered life on location and captured a couple of scenes on the pocket camera I carry around everywhere with me. Two adverts being filmed. One for O2 in Highbury Barn and the other for a fashion shoot (or popcorn advert) outside the Screen on the Green.

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