Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Snowed under

I actually managed to get to work despite the worst efforts of London Transport, but no-one else did; all the buildings closed and I was sent home. Bliss. No emails and a clear conscience taking photos in Clissold Park, which was like stepping into a Breughel painting. The heaviest snowfall in London since 1991. I remember months of snowy side streets in Highgate during the winter of 1978, the snow just didn't seem to melt, but have no memory of eighteen years ago. In Adelaide the temperatures are 60 degrees centigrade higher today! My daughter flies there next weekend. That's her setting off for work in the fourth picture.

Dawn 02/02/09

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  1. J'adore tes photos de Londres sous la neige, surtout celles avec des animaux et celle du petit garçon assis dans la neige