Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Flâneries - Picnic protests

French activists have found a new way to grab the headlines in protest at the decreasing purchase power of the euro in their pockets - the picnic protest. A group called L'appel et la pioche, literally The call and the pick axe, a pun on l'appel/la pelle (the spade), use text messaging to organise flash mob gatherings in targeted Paris supermarkets. They spread out a picnic in one of the aisles using goods from the supermarket's shelves and invite shoppers to join them until the police or security guards arrive. The group aim to publicise the situation of low income workers hit by the effects of the credit crunch and France's Génération Y, possibly the first group of young people in centuries who are likely to face a standard of living lower than their parents'. View it here:

Slogan: "au delà du jeu de mots, des actions concrètes..."

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